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[ Pdf How to Save a Life ¶ yuri PDF ] by Liz Fenton ✓ The Bestselling Authors Of The Good Widow Deliver A Modern, Suspenseful Twist On Groundhog Day That Asks The Question How Far Are You Willing To Go To Save The Life Of Someone You Love Dom Is Having A Very Bad Day One He Literally Can T EscapeWhen Dom Bumps Into Mia, His Ex Fianc E Whom He Hasn T Seen In Almost A Decade, He Believes They Ve Been Given A Second Chance And Asks Her Out When Mia Dies Tragically On Their Date, Dom Makes A Desperate Wish To Be Given The Chance To Save Her Life And When He Wakes The Next Morning To The Shock That She S Alive, He Thinks His Wish May Have Been Granted But Day After Day, No Matter What He Changes About Their Time Together, She Still Meets A Terrible FateDom Frantically Searches For Answers To Save His Beloved Mia And Rekindle Their Former Love But The Further He Digs, The Obsessed He Becomes, Making Him Realize That Slowing Down Time May Be The Only Way To See Things Clearly As He S Forced To Confront The Truth About Himself And Those He S Closest To, Dom Vows That He Ll Watch Mia Die A Thousand Times If It Means He Can Save Her Once Flawless and irresistible, profoundly moving and endlessly emotional How to Save a Life is a truly unique and beautiful reimagining of Groundhog Day, asking if life and death are preordained, if our destiny is predetermined, and if some lives are meant to be saved.
Dom is paralyzed with regret over breaking up with his girlfriend, Mia, ten years ago When she unexpectedly appears back in his life, only to die that very same night, he becomes caught in a Groundhog Day like time loop in which he tries desperately to save her life over and over again, only to fail each time This crazy time loop turns his life upside down, but teaches him important lessons about life to look beyond yourself, to live life to the fullest, to love unselfishly But in the end, will Dom be able to save Mia I loved this book and had all the feels throughout Poignant, bittersweet and yet ultimately uplifting, I found myself re reading certain passages again just so I could fully absorb their beauty.
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A brain cell destroying, heartbreaking, tear jerking and emotional version of Groundhog Day Welcome to the never ending nightmare of Dominic He let go his love of his life, Mia, 10 years ago Because he was dump, he was only 24, he was afraid of commitment and he was just a guy who hated to leave his secured cocoon He never liked to take risks But for ten years, he couldn t find anyone to love as much as he loved Mia Now he has a chance to make things right but how you can compensate the time you have lost when the love of your life keep dying and you cannot do anything to stop or change it, when you live the same day over and over again I watched so many time loop stories starting from Groundhog Day, 90 s TV movie 12 01 , Netflix s Russian Doll and Blumhouse s Happy Death Day and Supernatural s season3 episode 11 Mystery Spot Brother stuck in same day Dean dies thousand times and Sam cannot do anything to save his brother Most of the stories start with a song from 50 cents or Asia, Harry Nilsson didn t you keep singing Gotta Get Up song like a broken record after watching Russian Doll Natasha Lyonne finds herself washing her hands, looking at the mirror at her friend s bathroom as the song blasts out or Sony and Cher s I got you babe This book also stayed loyal to this tradition and our hero s day starts with the same and meaningful song How to Save a Life as like an omen how his entire day meant for Dom wakes up every god damn June 11th suffering from hangover, chatting with his best friend Lance how he feels so stressful because today is the day he ll go on a date with Mia and he still loves her but he may have unrequited feelings Then he goes outside, sees homeless guy Chuck just like Bill Murray does, he connects with the man and learns his back story, trying to help with him , then he runs away from his old insurance policy salesman friend played by Stephen Tobolowsky Okay, I was just teasing There was no salesman I wanted to make sure you keep reading Instead of stepping into mud puddle or seeing a salesman, Dominic saves Amanda from being hit by a car instinctively, getting her email address and moves to his workplace This is his routine every nine version of June 11th at some parts he also visited the psychiatrist like Groundhog day s Phil did and he also had MRI but nothing is wrong about his health and he is not delusional Here is the million dollar question Could Dominic get himself out of this time loop and save his love of his life Could he finally learn Mia s big secret Could the lovers have second chance for their HEA The ending of the book was predictable and I m not gonna tell I think I already told enough Overall I only cut my one point because of obvious conclusion but I have to admit this was truly meaningful time loop story tells us how you seize your days and how important to have people you may hold on in your lives I liked the message of the story even though it broke my heart into tiny little pieces I m giving my emotional, gripping, surprising, heartfelt four stars This duo surprised me a lot with their brilliant writing and their amazing tribute to Groundhog Day I already read their thriller books but I think they are also good at writing beautiful, poignant, romantic stories I have to congratulate them for their creative skills to write at different genres adroitly.
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TBH, Lisa and Liz could publish their grocery list and I d read it I love that they keep switching around what they write, and a darker, fantasy tinged romance is exactly what the world needs right now Can t wait to dive in to thisMany thanks to the publisher for providing my review copy.
Lisa and Liz are back in action everybody Sound the alarm because whenever these two come back in town, nobody knows what to expect Liz Fenton and Lisa Steinke are my favorite duo writers and they always know how to entertain us When I finally met them in person last summer during their book tour for their 2019 release The Two Lila Bennetts, they told me that their 2020 release would be vastly different than what I d ever expect from them How to Save a Life is being called a romantic suspense with a Groundhog s Day twist I can guarantee that this is indeed a valid way to describe this book I was hesitant to pick up a book that is normally out of my comfort zone, because I tend to be stricter with my reviews, but honestly, this book was so refreshingly different I read this book in one sitting and I loved the way that the story was mapped out for the readers I don t think there was one character I disliked In fact, I think I was rooting for all of them If you liked Rebecca Serle s In Five Years, you ll love How to Save a Life.