ç Home to Me (Creek Canyon #2) ☆ Download by ☆ Catherine Bybee

ç Home to Me (Creek Canyon #2) ☆ Download by ☆ Catherine Bybee I am a fan of Catherine Bybee and have read most if not all of her series She has a talent for making you feel like you are right there with the characters Home to Me the 2nd book in the Canyon Creek and it is no different with this book At times this book is will have you catching your breath and make you thankful if you have a good man in your life, We are first introduced to Erin Maci when she rents a guesthouse from Parker trying to hide from her old life She does not want to make any new friends Parker, her new boyfriend, his brother Matt are making that very difficult Erin is finding a connection with Matt that she has not felt before He is a rare find and is showing her how a man is suppose to treat his woman but will danger find them before they can have their happily ever after I was given an ARC for my honest opinion I am looking forward to the next book in this triology.
A Brave Woman S Flight From The Past Leads Her Toward New Love In A Novel About Courage, Hope, And Second Chances By Catherine Bybee, New York Times Bestselling Author Of My Way To You After Erin Fleming Escapes From Her Controlling And Abusive Ex, She Finds Refuge In The Heart Of Santa Clarita, California Eager To Start Over, She Has A New Name, A New Look, And A New Career Settled Into A Private Guesthouse, Erin Can Breathe Free Far From The Shadows She S Outrun, Erin Is Finally Learning To Live For Herself Her New Unexpected Friendship With Her Landlord Starts To Crack Open The Armor Erin S Enclosed Herself In But It S Matt Who Speeds Up The Pace Of Erin S Heart And Makes Her Wish For Things She Believes She Can Never HaveMatt Hudson, A Firefighter In One Of California S Wildfire Epicenters, Has A Passion For Danger He Lives For The Adrenaline Rush His Profession Awards Him But His Protective Instincts Take Over Once Matt Meets Erin So Does An Attraction He Can T Deny Above All Else, He S Determined To Prove To Erin That She Can Trust Him As The Sparks Between Them Ignite, So Does A Real World Danger Erin S Past Is Not Letting Go It S Just In HidingBefore Erin S Ex Finds Her, She And Matt Have To Find Him And Finally Put An End To Everything That S Becoming A Threat To Their Love, And To Erin S Life We were introduced to Erin Fleming, in the first book of this series Erin is quiet, kind, helpful, worked from home, and paid in cash No visitors, no stories about her past, just someone needing an out of the way place to stay Becoming friends with her landlord was not something she wanted Calamities have a way of breaking down walls and a new group of friends is born.
For Erin, making friends wasn t in her plan Running from an abusive relationship, she needs to keep her head down and stay as quiet as possible A confession to her landlord, Parker, born of too much alcohol, leaves Erin feeling anxious, although she knows her secret is safe Parker s boyfriend, Colin, and his siblings have become a part of Parker life and by extension, Erin s Erin is trying to keep things platonic with Matt, but Matt isn t having it Matt realizes Erin has a past she s trying to hide and goes out of his way to make her feel safe and whole When her fight or flight response is triggered and she must make a split second decision regarding life or death, can Matt get to her in time This story has triggers for domestic violence survivors Isolation, terror, worthlessness, self loathing and fear, are imbedded in the domestic violence survivors psyche This book shows how a fictional character, with help from her friends and ultimately family, can get back on track and embrace true love.
The second book in Catherine Bybee s Creek Canyon series focuses on Erin the tenant that moved into the guest house on Parkers land the prior year Fire fighter Matt Hudson was drawn to Erin from the moment he first laid eyes on her Like Parker and Colin picked up from small actions, Matt knows there was abuse in Erin s past, and he has the patience to wait for her to be comfortable in his presence.
Erin has grown comfortable and confident since she went into hiding and cut ties with everyone from her past She s slowly let in Parker and her siblings in past her defenses, and she s finding it harder and harder to resist everything that is Matt Hudson.
Home to Me is a brutally honest portrayal of the lasting impact of abuse Some of the details from Erin s last are beyond horrifying and heartbreaking But Erins story is not about being a victim it s about coming out the other side a warrior.
This story wrecked me in the best possible way Matt s ability to bring Erin out of her shell, to help her feel the confidence she needed to turn into a beautiful butterfly is heartwarming I absolutely adore Matt his care and understanding, and his love so freely given makes him the perfect man for Erin Someone that deserves her love just as deeply as Erin deserves his These two are absolutely perfect together.
I had the honor and privilege of reading an ARC of Catherine Bybee s Home to Me, the second book in the Creek Canyon series for an honest review I can sincerely say, that Home to Me is an incredible story and I could not put it down I loved every page of this emotionally charged love story One of my favorite parts was how the title of the book is incorporated into the love story Catherine Bybee has once again proven that she is a master storyteller who writes amazing stories I loved My Way to You the first book in the series and was uncertain how Catherine Bybee would top that book, but she did I loved Home to Me than I thought possible I love how each of these books reflect events that have affected Catherine Bybee s life personally Catherine writes about great characters, and loving families, but most of all she writes about strong women who make it back after devastating life altering events that have changed the consequences of their lives I love her descriptions of the settings around Creek Canyon Once again, I love how Catherine opened her heart in the Author s Note section of the book Home to Me is the story of Matt Hudson, Colin s younger brother, and Erin Fleming, the tenant who lives in Parker Sinclair s guest house Matt is a firefighter and I love the new insight that Catherine Bybee provided into the lives that firefighters live to keep us safe Erin Fleming changed her name from Maci Brandt six months before moving to Creek Canyon with her many secrets about her past Erin changed her name to identity and get away from her abusive husband, who promised to kill her if she ran away and he found her Erin is currently a manuscript editor, a job she can do while she lives off the grid She lives in constant fear that Desmond will somehow find her and keep his promise Erin filed for divorce from her husband Desmond Brandt, three months after leaving, but he keeps delaying the divorce proceedings Matt is attracted to Erin at first sight, but she informs him that she cannot give him the relationship that he wants That does not stop Matt from pursuing Erin Eventually, Matt and Erin begin dating Erin courageously decides to tell Matt everything about her past, but he has to promise her that he will keep it secret and not share her story with anyone, including his family, especially his brother, Colin I love how understanding and loving Matt is towards Erin Erin and Matt s love story is so emotionally charged Of course, Desmond is able to locate Erin Maci with the help of private investigators Home to Me has given me a whole new admiration for women who have left abusive relationships and the strength and courage it takes to start a new life Catherine Bybee describes in heart wrenching detail Erin s abusive experiences at the hands of her husband I love Erin s transformation throughout the book Home to Me is filled with all the things that I have come to love and expect in all of Catherine Bybee s books I especially love her bittersweet and poignant moments, and the surprise plot twists I love how everything gets resolved and in much better ways than I had expected I also enjoyed the lighter moments in the book, especially Colin s proposal, that help dispel some of the darkness It was wonderful catching up Parker and the Sinclairs and Colin and the Hudsons, it felt like a family reunion Reading Home to Me made me realize how truly blessed I am to have never experienced the kind of pain and abuse that Erin Maci suffered at the hands of the man who professed to love her I highly recommend Home to Me a beautifully written emotional second chance love story.

Great second book in this series I could not put this book down once I started reading this We got a little glimpse of Erin in the first book In this book, we get to find out why Erin stays in the background so much and wants people to know very little about her The chemistry between Erin and Matt is off the walls Matt is a fireman and once he has his sights on Erin, he is not going to give up Matt is determined to find out Erin s secrets Once he does, the really protective side of him comes out and he doesn t leave her side until the threat is gone and they get their HEA I loved how the whole family bonded with Erin and gave her the support she needed to get through her ordeal It was great watching the transformation of Erin going from a victim to a warrior and take her life back which included getting her sister back in her life Really excited to read the next book in this series and watch Grace finally find her HEA Thank you again Catherine Bybee for another great book Home to Me is second in the Creek Canyon Series Although it would be perfectly fine as a stand alone read I recommend it either way When I thought I knew exactly what was going to happen, I didn t I was surprised, troubled, sad, happy, because there was heartache, suspense and romance Erin Fleming is trying to live a low profile life after escaping an abusive relationship She changed everything about herself to find a new life that doesn t include the physical and emotional abuse of her past With a new name and new look and quiet out the way place to live Erin isn t interested in finding she has an attraction to Matt Hudson, hunky firefighter The problem with getting close is feeling the need to share With sharing comes the chance of being found Matt suspects something has happened in Erin s life and takes their relationship at her pace What I appreciated about the story is Erin wasn t ashamed to acknowledge it would benefit her to seek counseling More than once this was acknowledged and it was a very powerful piece to give readers.
I was so much into the story once I found out Erin s ex s name I was ready to google him I had to remind myself this is a book of fiction A book of fiction with a powerful message and story about a woman of respect and strength It s a story that tells women never give up Life can change and there can be happiness I was given an ARC through Netgalley for an honest review.