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Ð Kinder- und Hausmärchen ✓ Download by Ô Jacob Grimm The Complete Grimm s Fairy Tales, Jacob Grimm, Wilhelm Grimm 1378 735 9643430286 19 The original Grimm s Brothers fairy tales were a far cry from the Perrault collection of many of the same stories, the Green Fairy Book by Andrew Lang, or, God forbid, Walt Disney The Brothers Grimm told stories with meat on their bones, where the good people were heroes and the bad people were really, really bad The outcome of a particular story rose and fell on the consequences of the actions of the characters The evil stepsisters in Cinderella, for example, did not go to the wedding of Cinderella and the Prince no their eyes were pecked out by crows.
Bruno Bettleheim had a theory that if children are reared hearing fairy tales and folk tales, they will develop a rich fantasy life while young, and won t need to turn to drugs and alcohol later on I don t know if that is really the case, but I do know that the Grimm Brothers occupied an enormous space in my psyche as a child, along with Hans Christian Anderson and Carlo Collodi No wonder children today love J.
K Rowling and Phillip Pulliam Whatever else you think about their stories, their child heroes inhabit universes where actions are followed by consequences, and not all the good survive Children are hungry for truth, and in books like Grimm s Fairy Tales, they find it.
1812 3.
24180327 stars pretty close to pi the average of tales of 89 to 210 as I lost the ratings of the first 88 stories 2016 The Most Fun nest Review to Write The folk tale is the primer of the picture language of the soul Joseph CampbellIf the Grimms were around today this is the tale I would recount to them In the near past in the kingdom of Toronto there lived a distinguished middle aged Duke He was handsome, cool, level headed and fastiduous He lived in a grand apartment with his gray kitty but after two unhappy marriages was looking to reconnect with another nobleperson and attempt happiness once again He decided to host a dinner and had three countesses scour the city for suitable candidates These three countesses were lovely to Duke Xavier and wanted the best for him despite not being able to nab him for themselves The third countess was especially sweet and asked the Duke if he would consider somebody pedestrian but pleasant, devoted and a bit odd.
Xavier looked at her sweetly and said Why the hell not The dinner day arrived and the four suitors awaited in the lobby First there was Sir Adonis Sculpted like a greek god, with a face so handsome that both men and women fainted just by looking Second there was Lady Haha Fashionable, brilliant and cooler than her famous relative Lady Gno we cannot say it Thirdly there was Dame Cait.
sophisticated, intelligent and a tigress in bed by reputation really Lastly there was roly poly Jade Not a prince or nobility and looked rather bashful in his maroon smoking jacket that his aunty picked out for him for this occasion.
The three countesses came down to the lobby of the apartment and saw Lady Haha with her little poodle that had shat three times already on the marble Lady Hahayou cannot bring that beast into the sumptuous rooms The Duke s gorgeous feline will have an epileptic fit Well if Lady Poodle Rara is not welcome then I am off to find a king that will appreciate me Off she huffed Sir Adonis smirked Dame Cait grimaced Roly poly Jade quickly applied some lip balm and quickly smelled his armpits as he was oh so nervous.
The countesses brought the three to the apartment and seated there in grey and mauve elegance was Duke Xavier He greeted all warmly and then dismissed the three countesses to the kitchen to finish dinner.
The Duke said the first test is the talent show Sir Adonis jumped up He ripped open his shirt and started to pose His biceps and triceps were oh so delicious and the three countesses were mesmerized at the sight Duke Xavier snapped and said Away ladies do not burn our dinner Dame Cait said Well I m feeling rather moist now Jade looked down at his roly poly stature and lost all courage.
Dame Cait pulled out a long cigarette holder, lighted it She then began to recite Virginia Woolf, Dante, Neruda, Aristotle, Rumi and even Anne Rice by rote memory She did it with such class and with a british accent that was divine to listen to Sir Adonis yawned The three countesses were charmed and Jade headed for the door.
Duke Xavier gently said Please do not go Please share your talent Jade looked up and said Duke Xavier do you happen to have a karaoke machine The three countesses were prepared and slid one out on a very chic dolly.
This is what roly poly Jade sang Adonis yawned Dame Cait grimaced The three countesses melted Duke Xavier got a glimmer in his beautiful sad brown eyes.
Dinner was served Sir Adonis took the choicest pieces of meat Dame Cait criticized every dish Roly poly Jade got gravy on his maroon smoking jacket and died of embarassment.
Duke Xavier asked the last question of the evening and it was this How will you love me Sir Adonis answered the question with the question No Duke how will you love me Dame Cait answered thoughtfully I will organize the nicest soirees, connect you to the most beautiful and intelligent people and spend your money in a thoughtful way so that I always look chic, desirable and you will be the envy of every nobleperson in the entire kingdom Roly poly Jade uttered quickly I am not sure I can love you just like that I will get to know you, comfort you and make sure that most of the time you are happy If I do fall in love with you Duke Xavier I will remain devoted to you for the rest of your days I will eat all your baked goods with relish, I will procrastinate on all the household chores, I will sing endlessly to you especially show tunes and songs from the 1980s I will always have your best wishes at heart and take care of you and make you laugh I am not beautiful I am only semi smart but my heart will always be open to you forever The three countesses had tears in their eyes.
Duke Xavier stood up and gave Sir Adonis a warm hug He sweetly kissed Dame Cait on the lips.
He held out his hand to roly poly Jade and said Come on pumpkin, let s Rock THE END.
The Lessons of the Brothers Grimm The Golden BirdIf you are the Chosen One you can eschew all advice, screw up constantly, and still come out on top Hans in LuckHalf wits can be happy with anything Jorinda and JorindelYou can trespass unreservedly, so long as the Other owns the land The Traveling Musicians Robbing the rich to give to yourself is fine if your victim is a robber Old SultanObey your master to the detriment of your friends, especially if your friends threaten your master s property The Straw, The Coal and The BeanDeath is the funniest joke of alland tailors are always nice Briar RoseDisney can reduce anything even a story about slights and righteous indignation into a ninety minute indoctrination of the fantasy of good and evil The Dog and The SparrowVengeance is fine if you are the first person wronged, but if you wrong one, then are wronged in return you may not seek vengeance even if the vengeance wrought upon you is out of proportion for your crime This is also known as the carpet bomb Afghanistan fable The Twelve Dancing Princesses Listen to whatever an old hag tells you because her ugliness must equal wisdom The Fisherman and His WifeBe happy with your station in life Ambition above your station cannot make you happy Marx would love this one The Willow Wren and the BearNo matter the idiocy of a war and its cause, the defeated should pay reparations, regardless of how humiliating The Frog PrinceSpoiled, nasty, unlikable though one may be, if one is royalty and does what one s father tells one, living happily ever after is one s right, and one s inevitable destiny Cat and Mouse in PartnershipThe meek will inherit nothing They will be devoured No idealism here The Goose GirlThe ideal wife should be meek and mild and of the right station Also, beauty will out The Adventures of Chanticleer and PartletHow They Went to the Mountains to Eat Nuts, How Chanticleer and Partlet Went to Visit Mr Korbes, How Partlet Died and was Buried, and How Chanticleer Died of Grief Everyone dies, so live for yourself while you can Rapunzel Vengeance thy name is woman, but if you re a Prince everything works out in the end Fundevogel If you re going to be boiled by a crazy cookrun Unless you are a shape shifterof course The Valiant Little Tailor Make people believe you re a bad ass and you ll never have to prove it Hansel and Gretel If you kill a godless witch you will be rewarded beyond the dreams of avarice, and if you are a father who abandons your children at the behest of your second wife but feel bad about it, you too will be rewarded And if you catch the mouse you can make a hat out of it The Mouse, The Bird and the Sausage Stick to your proper social roles or you will DIE Mother Holle If you are ugly you must be lazy If you are ugly and lazy you will be punished Your punishment will be having your skin covered in pitch that will never come off, so according to the Grimm Brothers ugly lazy black skinned Yikes Little Red Cap Listen to your mother because she is always right, and kill all the predatory wildlife you can because it will eat you otherwise Oh, and if you are devoured by a wolf you can be cut out soon and revived The Robber BridegroomNever leave witnesses, and always check for missing body parts Tom Thumb There s no place like home is the stated lesson, but the real moral is that cheaters and crooks prosper RumpelstiltskinThe rich and powerful do not have to honour contracts and agreements That is the lot of the poor Clever GretelLie your face off to protect the secret of your eating disorder and your alcoholism The Old Man and His Grandson possibly the best story in the tales it s certainly one of my favouritesTreat others as you d like to be treated lest you be treated ill The Little PeasantLie, cheat, steal and commit murder, even mass murder, and you will flourish, so long as you are preying on the idiocy of your neighbours Frederick and CatherineDizzy blondes always prosper Sweetheart Roland If you love your man and remain faithful, he ll always come back to you, no matter his own unfaithful transgressions Snowdrop also known as Snow White and the Seven DwarvesCreepy men will always come to the rescue of a too young girlif she is lovely enough The Pink Apparently pink has always been the colour of homosexuality of course, it could just be that I was feeling particularly gay when I read that night Clever Elsie Divorce is as simple as a fowling net and bells tied around your moron spouse s neck At least if you are a Clever Hans The Miser in the Bush Someone always pays Ashputtel aka CinderellaThe Brothers Grimm really made no sense at all, and they must have had a wicked step mother of their own These boys had issues The White Snake Be kind to lesser beasts and you will some day be rewarded, but you can still kill any domesticated beasts indiscriminately The Wolf and the Seven Little Kids Predators are evil and must die prey are good and must live Prey can also torture and kill predators whenever they want The Queen Bee Be nice to animals and they will make you richer than Daffy Duck in the Genie s lair The Elves and the Shoemaker Naked dwarf elves make kick ass shoes The Juniper TreeKillers should be killed, so their victims will be born again The Turnip There is virtue in con artistry Clever Hans THE BEST STORY EVER The whole crew giggled their brains out at the escapades of Clever Hans Of course, it could have been my silly Austrian accent In fact, every Grimm Tale would be better with an Austrian accent The Three Languages Lily and The LionLeave the fairy tales behind for a few days and they are totally forgettable The Fox and The Horse Domesticated animals deserve much better than wild ones Haven t I seen that somewhere before The Blue Light It s terrible for a Princess to be forced into menial labour A capital offence, in fact The Raven Useless men are the perfect men for a wronged princess The Golden Goose Always feed homeless men, it ll make you a King And here I thought the most you could get from such a deed was a dipped ice cream cone The Water of Life The good guys always win Silly isn t it The Twelve Huntsman Sexism will always help a lady get her man The King of the Golden Mountain Midgets and dwarves are nothing but magical Bad people have black faces Kings can steal anything they want That s the Brothers Grimm in a nutshell Doctor Knowall Idiots are fated to riches Seethere was ntohing new about Forrest Gump The Seven Ravens Father s are never responsible for their crimes against their children The Wedding of Mrs Fox First Story Genetic anomalies are easy to overlook if you are a fox Second Story Racial purity must be maintained Heyweren t these cats German The Salad Turn a woman into an ass, and she will drop to her knees and do anything you want, making you happy forever The Story of the Youth Who Went Forth to Learn What Fear Was The longer the story or title the idiotic the moral King Grisly Beard Any shrew can be tamed Iron Hans Cursed Kings will help any knob who can help them break their curse Cat Skin There are Kings everywhere, and they re all looking for a Princess who wants to hide her Princessness I am not sure that PETA would be impressed with this one Snow white and Rose red Every talking animal is a Prince in disguise every pretty little girl is just waiting to be made a Princess every dwarf is evil So who comes out ahead in The Brothers Grimm Fairy Tales The super rich, the rich, all nobility, the stupid, and cute animals.
Who ends up looking bad any woman who isn t nobility, step moms, dwarves, the poor folks with dark skin Yep, this book is crap It is such crap that nearly every Disney adaptation is an improvement seriously The last thing I can say, the thing I need to say, is YUCH Yuch yuchity yuch yuch yuch But Clever Hansnow that was awesome

Note to the Expanded Second EditionNote to the Expanded Third EditionOnce There Were Two Brothers Named Grimm, by Jack ZipesA Note on the Translation 1 The Frog King, or Iron Heinrich 2 The Companionship of the Cat and the Mouse 3 The Virgin Mary s Child 4 A Tale About the Boy Who Went Forth to Learn What Fear Was 5 The Wolf and the Seven Young Kids 6 Faithful Johannes 7 The Good Bargain 8 The Marvellous Minstrel 9 The Twelve Brothers 10 Riffraff 11 Brother and Sister 12 Rapunzel 13 The Three Little Gnomes in the Forest 14 The Three Spinners 15 Hansel and Gretel 16 The Three Snake Leaves 17 The White Snake 18 The Straw, the Coal, and the Bean 19 The Fisherman and His Wife 20 The Brave Little Tailor 21 Cinderella 22 The Riddle 23 The Mouse, the Bird, and the Sausage 24 Mother Holle 25 The Seven Ravens 26 Little Red Cap 27 The Bremen Town Musicians 28 The Singing Bone 29 The Devil With the Three Golden Hairs 30 The Louse and the Flea 31 The Maiden Without Hands 32 Clever Hans 33 The Three Languages 34 Clever Else 35 The Tailor in Heaven 36 The Magic Table, the Golden Donkey, and the Club in the Sack 37 Thumbling 38 The Wedding of Mrs Fox 39 The Elves 40 The Robber Bridegroom 41 Herr Korbes 42 The Godfather 43 Mother Trudy 44 Godfather Death 45 Thumbling s Travels 46 Fitcher s Bird 47 The Juniper Tree 48 Old Sultan 49 The Six Swans 50 Brier Rose 51 Foundling 52 King Thrushbeard 53 Snow White 54 The Knapsack, the Hat, and the Horn 55 Rumpelstiltskin 56 Sweetheart Roland 57 The Golden Bird 58 The Dog and the Sparrow 59 Freddy and Katy 60 The Two Brothers 61 Little Farmer 62 The Queen Bee 63 The Three Feathers 64 The Golden Goose 65 All Fur 66 The Hare s Bride 67 The Twelve Huntsmen 68 The Thief and His Master 69 Jorinda and Joringel 70 The Three Sons of Fortune 71 How Six Made Their Way in the World 72 The Wolf and the Man 73 The Wolf and the Fox 74 The Wolf and His Cousin 75 The Fox and the Cat 76 The Pink Flower 77 Clever Gretel 78 The Old Man and His Grandson 79 The Water Nixie 80 The Death of the Hen 81 Brother Lustig 82 Gambling Hans 83 Lucky Hans 84 Hans Gets Married 85 The Golden Children 86 The Fox and the Geese 87 The Poor Man and the Rich Man 88 The Singing, Springing Lark 89 The Goose Girl 90 The Young Giant 91 The Gnome 92 The King of the Golden Mountain 93 The Raven 94 The Clever Farmer s Daughter 95 Old Hildebrand 96 The Three Little Birds 97 The Water of Life 98 Doctor Know It All 99 The Spirit in the Glass Bottle 100 The Devil s Sooty Brother 101 Bearskin 102 The Wren and the Bear 103 The Sweet Porridge 104 The Clever People 105 Tales About Toads 106 The Poor Miller s Apprentice and the Cat 107 The Two Travellers 108 Hans My Hedgehog 109 The Little Shroud 110 The Jew in the Thornbush 111 The Expert Huntsman 112 The Fleshing Flail From Heaven 113 The Two Kings Children 114 The Clever Little Tailor 115 The Bright Sun Will Bring It to Light 116 The Blue Light 117 The Stubborn Child 118 The Three Army Surgeons 119 The Seven Swabians 120 The Three Journeymen 121 The Prince Who Feared Nothing 122 The Lettuce Donkey 123 The Old Woman in the Forest 124 The Three Brothers 125 The Devil and His Grandmother 126 Faithful Ferdinand and Unfaithful Ferdinand 127 The Iron Stove 128 The Lazy Spinner 129 The Four Skilful Brothers 130 One Eye, Two Eyes, and Three Eyes 131 Pretty Katrinelya and Pif Paf Poltree 132 The Fox and the Horse 133 The Worn out Dancing Shoes 134 The Six Servants 135 The White Bride and the Black Bride 136 Iron Hans 137 The Three Black Princesses 138 Knoist and His Three Sons 139 The Maiden From Brakel 140 The Domestic Servants 141 The Little Lamb and the Little Fish 142 Simelei Mountain 143 Going Travelling 144 The Donkey 145 The Ungrateful Son 146 The Turnip 147 The Rejuvenated Little Old Man 148 The Animals of the Lord and the Devil 149 The Beam 150 The Old Beggar Woman 151 The Three Lazy Sons 152 The Twelve Lazy Servants 153 The Star Coins 154 The Stolen Pennies 155 Choosing a Bride 156 The Leftovers 157 The Sparrow and His Four Children 158 The Tale About the Land of Cockaigne 159 A Tall Tale From Ditmarsh 160 A Tale With a Riddle 161 Snow White and Rose Red 162 The Clever Servant 163 The Glass Coffin 164 Lazy Heinz 165 The Griffin 166 Strong Hans 167 The Peasant in Heaven 168 Lean Lisa 169 The House in the Forest 170 Sharing Joys and Sorrows 171 The Wren 172 The Flounder 173 The Bittern and the Hoopoe 174 The Owl 175 The Moon 176 The Life Span 177 The Messengers of Death 178 Master Pfriem 179 The Goose Girl at the Spring 180 Eve s Unequal Children 181 The Nixie in the Pond 182 The Gifts of the Little Folk 183 The Giant and the Tailor 184 The Nail 185 The Poor Boy in the Grave 186 The True Bride 187 The Hare and the Hedgehog 188 Spindle, Shuttle, and Needle 189 The Peasant and the Devil 190 The Crumbs on the Table 191 The Little Hamster From the Water 192 The Master Thief 193 The Drummer 194 The Ear of Corn 195 The Grave Mound 196 Old Rinkrank 197 The Crystal Ball 198 Maid Maleen 199 The Boots of Buffalo Leather 200 The Golden Key Religious Tales for Children 201 Saint Joseph in the Forest 202 The Twelve Apostles 203 The Rose 204 Poverty and Humility Lead to Heaven 205 God s Food 206 The Three Green Twigs 207 The Blessed Virgin s Little Glass 208 The Little Old Lady 209 The Heavenly Wedding 210 The Hazel Branch The Omitted Tales 211 The Nightingale and the Blindworm 212 The Hand With the Knife 213 Herr Fix It Up 214 How Some Children Played at Slaughtering 215 Death and the Goose Boy 216 Puss in Boots 217 The Tablecloth, the Knapsack, the Cannon Hat, and the Horn 218 The Strange Feast 219 Simple Hans 220 Bluebeard 221 Hurleburlebutz 222 Okerlo 223 Princess Mouseskin 224 The Pear Refused to Fall 225 The Castle of Murder 226 The Carpenter and the Turner 227 The Blacksmith and the Devil 228 The Three Sisters 229 The Stepmother 230 Fragments 231 The Faithful Animals 232 The Crows 233 The Lazy One and the Industrious One 234 The Long Nose 235 The Lion and the Frog 236 The Soldier and the Carpenter 237 The Wild Man 238 The Children of Famine 239 Saint Solicitous 240 Misfortune 241 The Pea Test 242 The Robber and His Sons Selected Tales from the Annotations of 1856 243 The Three Daughters and the Frog King 244 The Young Man Who Went Out in Search of Fear 245 The Golden Maiden 246 The White Dove 247 Fool s Gold 248 The Winter Rose 249 Prince Swan 250 The Short Tale Jacob Grimm s Tales 251 Snow White, Snow White, or The Unfortunate Child 1806 252 Rumpenstunzchen 1806 253 Stepmother 1806 254 The Virgin Mary s Child 1806 255 The Fox and Mrs Fox 1806 256 The Moon and His Mother 1806 Published Tales 257 Good Bowling and Card Playing 1810 , Wilhelm Grimm 258 The Fairy Tale About the Faithful Sparrow 1812 , Jacob Grimm 259 The Little Tale About the Crawling Mouse 1812 , Jacob Grimm 260 The Fairy Tale About the Tailor Who Came to Heaven 1818 , Wilhelm Grimm 261 The Celebration of the Underground Creatures 1826 , Wilhelm Grimm 262 The War of the Wasps and the Donkey 1853 , Wilhelm Grimm Selected Tales from the Annotations of 1856 263 The Fool 264 Small People 265 The Luck of the Dumb 266 Little Kurt Bingeling 267 The Liar 268 The Lazy Ones Selected Tales From the Posthumous Papers of the Brothers Grimm 269 The Grateful Dead Man and the Princess Rescued From Slavery 270 The Faithful Wife 271 The Princess in the Coffin and the Sentry 272 St Peter s Mother 273 Why Dogs and Cats and Cats and Mice Are Enemies 274 Why Dogs Sniff One Another 275 Sharp Ears, the Runner, the Blower, and the Strongman 276 The Little Mouse and the Little Sausage 277 King Ironhead 278 The Old Soldier and the White Horse 279 The Silver Poplar NotesIndex Its hard to rate a book when they are filled with multiple stories where some are bad and some are good, hence why it has received a 3 starsI only really read the stories that I were interested in reading Most of them, after a certain point, I didn t read.
The ones that I did read I enjoyed.
Boldly ventured is half won.
As always, Grimm Brothers didn t disappoint me I enjoyed this tale than I expected OVERVIEWThere is a princess who proclaims that whoever solves her riddle, she will marry him Princess is 100% sure that nobody can solve it but a tailor solves it In state of shock, Princess refuses to marry him and gives him another test to pass in exchange of marriage She puts him in the cage of bear If he stays alive all the night, princess will marry him.
This tale was a fun read for me It shows that no matter how much difficult a task is, don t be discouraged There are many things we don t try Because we think we can t do them Because they seem impossible I don t know about you guys but I feel this Look at this tale, when the tailor was ordered to spend a night with bear, he could reject it But he didn t He didn t get discouraged He tried it And ultimately accomplished his goal by using his mind Overall, it s great I would recommend it.
I adored fairy tales as a child wait, I ve always adored them, even now when I m not a child so many different interpretations truly the foundation for many of today s TV shows, movies, children s books a must read Who doesn t know the stories of Hansel Gretel, Little Red Riding Hood, etc These are powerful parables meant to teach us all the lessons we need Of course, they re fun and imaginative But their the basics to start from Love themAbout MeFor those new to me or my reviews here s the scoop I read A LOT I write A LOT And now I blog A LOT First the book review goes on Goodreads, and then I send it on over to my WordPress blog at where you ll also find TV Film reviews, the revealing and introspective 365 Daily Challenge and lots of blogging about places I ve visited all over the world And you can find all my social media profiles to get the details on the who what when where and my pictures Leave a comment and let me know what you think Vote in the poll and ratings Thanks for stopping by Note All written content is my original creation and copyrighted to me, but the graphics and images were linked from other sites and belong to them Many thanks to their original creators.
For Almost Two Centuries, The Stories Of Magic And Myth Gathered By The Brothers Grimm Have Been Part Of The Way Children And Adults Learn About The Vagaries Of The Real World Cinderella, Rapunzel, Snow White, H Nsel And Gretel, Little Red Cap Aka Little Red Riding Hood , And Briar Rose Aka Sleeping Beauty Are Only A Few Of Than Enchanting Characters Included Here Lyrically Translated And Beautifully Illustrated, The Tales Are Presented Just As Jacob And Wilhelm Grimm originally Set Them Down Bold, Primal, Just Frightening Enough, And Endlessly Engaging