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õ Speaker for the Dead ↠´ Download by É Orson Scott Card My favorite book of all time, if only because it brings back sentimental memories More than simply a sci fi page turner, it deals with non trivial matters such as guilt and love In a whole different league than the rest of the Ender series, not to mention the rest of Scott Card s works A must read for anyone who was ever interested in sci fi.
Ian McKellon, Ellen DeGeneres, Nathan Lane, Jim Parsons and Samuel Delany sit in a trendy coffee house in Chelsea and discuss Orson Scott Card s 1985 novel Speaker for the Dead.
Ian Let me begin our book club meeting with a very special thank you to our very gracious host, thank you Andre, as always your staff have been kind and hospitable and have once again made us all feel at home all thank the host and servers Ian Alright, so Speaker for the Dead, Card s sequel to his fine novel Ender s Game, any opening remarks Nathan Well, what can I say, I loved it all agree Ellen It reminded me of Ursula Le Guin s writing, muchso than Ender s Game or any other of his writing that I have experienced.
Samuel Yes, and Card used Le Guin s ansible, the device that allows for instantaneous communication across light years of distance.
Jim On the set of Big Bang Theory, we often talk about the technology as a part of our back story and we have frequently discussed the ansible.
Samuel Speaking as a science fiction writer myself, I have to say that this may have been his virtuoso performance, again,so than Ender s Game, which has some irony because Card stated that this was the book he intended to write before Ender s Game, and Ender s Game was written almost as a prequel, and then it became farpopular.
Ian Certainly this was thespiritual of the two books all agree Nathan I think that Card also borrowed from or paid tribute to many other writers in this book Heinlein, obviously Le Guin, Clarke, and also maybe Joe Haldeman.
Jim The lost in time, relative time gaps, where a traveller in a near light speed vehicle will age less than someone on Earth may be a ubiquitous them in his work.
Samuel Yes, this was reminiscent of his The Worthing Saga stories, where one character finds himself centuries, even millennia older than his peers.
Ian What do you think of his use of the aliens as being described as piggies , was this perhaps an allusion to William Golding s brilliant 1954 novel Lord of the Flies Ellen I wondered about that too I mean maybe, almost in reverse, as if they are the alien juveniles to our older, but still immature and incomplete adults.
Nathan Yes, I think that was definitely a goal of his to make the piggies into a kind of retro mirror to ourselves, although they are certainly alien.
Samuel The inclusion of the Hive Queen and the Hegemon is also an important inclusion, very much like something Frank Herbert would write, to offer a path towards redemption.
Ian So it s unanimous, we all like his work and simply must invite him to our next book club meeting.
Orson Scott Card has said that Speaker for the Dead is the book he always meant to write and that the only reason he wrote Ender s Game was as a prequel, so he felt a little baffled when Ender s Game ended up becoming his most famous and most read work After reading Speaker for the Dead, I understand where he s coming from The complexity of issues tackled in Speaker for the Dead are much deeper than those in Ender likewise, the cultures and worlds explored through Speaker are muchintricate One thing I love about Orson Scott Card which I somehow always end up forgetting when I m not reading him is that, despite the fact that he writes fairly hard science fiction, his stories are still completely character driven Unlike many SF writers, he spends as much time developing his characters as he spends developing his society, and the result is a compelling book regardless of the plot Heck, I even enjoyed Ender s Shadow, which basically had the same plot as Ender s Game except told from a different character s perspective Despite my enjoyment of the book, there were a few things that annoyed me Although Orson Scott Card s characters are well developed, the female characters seemed to have less complexity in particular, the principle female character spent about 3 4 of the book wallowing in her own self pity This may endear her to male readers with a knight in shining armor complex as, indeed, it endeared her to Ender , but as a female reader I wanted her to just get over it already Orson Scott Card seems to play the female moral superiority card even as he grapples with some real ambivalence about female leadership the female leaders in this book were either veiled tyrants whom Ender felt compelled to put in their place or rendered ineffective as leaders the moment Ender burst on the scene Finally, Ender himself is a main character in this book whom you re almost tempted to despise just because the author is so clearly in love with him But truth be told, that didn t keep me from being a little enad with him, myself although the piggies, an alien race introduced in this book held my heart and my attention most completely.
Christmas 2010 I realised that I had got stuck in a rut I was re reading old favourites again and again, waiting for a few trusted authors to release new works Something had to be done.
On the spur of the moment I set myself a challenge, to read every book to have won the Locus Sci Fi award That s 35 books, 6 of which I d previously read, leaving 29 titles by 14 authors who were new to me.
While working through this reading list I got married, went on my honeymoon, switched career and became a father As such these stories became imprinted on my memory as the soundtrack to the happiest period in my life so far.
I really liked this book I ve never readEnder s GameI ve never read any other Orson Scott Card But I will, because I really liked this book.
The overall premise is superb mankind s dark history with the buggers, their potential for redemption with the piggies, the mysterious Descolada plague, the precautions taken to protect the xenobiology making understanding the evolutionary leaps impossible it s fascinating stuff.
But it s the individuals who populate this world Ender who is the very epitome of his race, the killer seeking redemption, the last Hive Queen, Jane, the insecure AI, Ender s genius sister, Valentine, Novinho, the brilliant but bitter xenobiologist who Ender is determined to make accept his love her dysfunctional family and finally, there are the stars of the show the piggies themselves an alien race who rank up their with Hamilton s Kiint as my personal favourites Lots of sci fi starts with a good idea or two but very few have a cast like this.
It s awkward, anguished personal stuff, wrapped up as a murder mystery inside a scientific enigma, driven along relentlessly by a humble messiah My only complaint is the choice of names, the buggers and the piggies Let s face it these are bloody ridiculous names for well crafted alien races One of the ways I judge a book is by how many moments remain behind afterwards, resonating with my understanding of the world ForSpeaker , there are dozens and they ve lingered in vibrant, sparkling form.
The one I ll never forget is the moment that gives Ender his purpose and the book it s title when he Speaks the Death of Marc o It s a scene that I knew was coming from the get go, a scene I tried to guess and second guess, and still found surprising, still found emotional and couldn t have broken away from had my wife gone into labour while the house was on fire.
When the piggies ask view spoiler a brothertree hide spoiler Card claims that this is his masterpiece He said that he only wrote Ender s Game so that he could write this It s such a shame though that Ender s Game became such a hit, and Speaker for the Dead became its shadow Before I start with the serious part of the review, let me start with something that I can t seem to erase from my mind while reading this The new alien species are called piggies Piggies The thing running inside my head wasand it stayed like that till the end I m not proud of it, but for me, Card wrote of a new alien species, in which they are pigs Not so new to me.
Another thing running in my mind would be the word ramen It kept appearing from time to time Mr Card, a ramen for me would be I believe that this is my first time using pictures for my review Might be my last time, but who knows what the future might hold Like what 90% of the goodreads people say about this, Speaker isof a philosophical novel, rather than a hardcore SF war one That didn t bother me, to be honest, because the issues tackled in the novel were quite interesting There was not a dull moment in the novel, so that s a good start The reason why I didn t like this though would be because of the bad ending After such an amazing world building and character development, the ending was just terrible for me It felt rushed and incomplete He could ve made the novel a bit longer, considering how average the size is It s either the novel was inadequate in size, or I was just wantingOnly two characters from Ender s Game were still present in this novel, Ender and Valentine I really liked both characters, so I was thrilled to readof the two The novel was 90% Ender of course, and probably 5% Valentine I m not complaining much because Ender s one of my favorites, but the other characters were just not interesting to me The main problem would be their names I hated their names They were made up and weird as shit I hate those things, it hinders my ability to like a character If I hate the name right from the start, odds are I ll hate the character itself Come to think of it though, even if the characters had better names, I don t think I d like them as much as some characters from Ender s though Most of the characters here were rather flat and boring They contributed a lot in the plot, but I couldn t see myself remembering them in the future.
Plot wise, this novel was above satisfactory It didn t falter off at one point, so consistency was present Chapter after chapter I was impatient to know what would happen next, and what would be the explosive ending I was expecting I was really disappointed though Even the secret of Pipo was terribly bullshit After reading the whole novel to find out about it, it felt like Card gave me a piece of canned meat, after expecting a nicely grilled steak 4 5 stars Main problem would be the dull characters and terrible ending Overall though, this novel was really great The journey was good, but not enough to garner a 5 star rating I really liked Ender s Game , but I m not saying don t read this, on the contrary, I m also recommending this Not sure if I ll read Xenocide right away, because the ending of this one doesn t make me want to know what s going to happen next, but I will read it probably next year 2015.

When I first read this book I was in middle school and I hated it It was such a disappointment as a follow up to the brilliance of Ender s Game I re read it when in grad school, and it was an entirely different experience The book has elements of mystery, religion mysticism, anthropology albeit fictional anthropology , philosophy, politics, and intrigue But its got a very slow start, and there isn t much in the way of action its all about two cultures trying to understand each other Its not a traditional sci fi read, but for the right reader, it can be a really deep and meaningful experience.
So great to revisit one of my absolute favorite novels of all time Back when I first read this, Andrew Wiggin immediately jumped into my heart to become my ultimate role model, my hero, and the idealized version of myself Ender s Game had him go through some horrific things and really set the stage for the man he was later to become, but it is the full grown man that really pulls on my heartstrings.
No He wasn t truly at fault for wiping out the Formics That can be laid at other s feet But he absolutely pulled the trigger And the end of Ender s Game showed us the beginning of his redemption Where redemption takes the form of Understanding And then telling All the Truth, the good and the bad Exposing it to the world for good or ill I LOVE how this turned into a very powerful force for good.
Better yet, I love how turning it upon this special world of Lusitania transforms everyone s lives this dramatically Or how it affects four intelligent species Or how it paves the way for real redemption I m not all that fond of Christian motif stories because they re generally all ham fisted and overdone Like, A LOT But this one does NOT go that way It s humanist It s understanding that all of us have good and bad within us, and that accepting and really understanding each other is can be the most life affirming thing that any of us can do.
The story of Speaker for the Dead is powerful on all levels of worldbuilding, strange aliens, mystery, love, and sheer cussed awesomeness The threat of another Xenocide times three is shocking enough on its own, but when combined with all the events from Ender s Game, Speaker basically turns me into a quivering ball of emotional jelly And worse, the characters, and I mean ALL the characters, from Pequenios to Navi s family to Andrew himself, just draws such a warm feeling from me that I can t even stand it It smessed up than Ender s Game More wonderful Deeper, adult, complex, painful, and glorious.
I can t particularly think of ANY novel that deep down affects meon a personal level I m thinking along the lines of putting this in one of my top ten best novels of all time So gorgeous So important.
Calling this book the sequel to Ender s Game is like calling Mary Poppins the sequel to Star Wars It s boring, overly observational, and totally unrelated in style and setting to Ender s Game.
While Ender s Game is a solid piece of modern sci fi, the sequel falls all too short Speaker is preachy and allegorical, and the characters often devolve into simple mouthpieces for the author s opinions, which are numerous, long, and not particularly original.
While I do respect that every author has his own point of view, and that one should be able to glean some understanding from their books, such a heavy handed case detracts from the story and characters as a whole The suspension of disbelief should not be broken by the author s message rather, the message should be communicated by carefully built characters and situations so that it emerges naturally and believably.
While in the first book the main character was often guilty of extended internal monologue, this underlined the character s personal journey instead of just pushing a preconceived worldview The second novel has a transparency of motive that, for me, destroyed both believability and the central flow of the story Card s belief is not a hindrance to his ability to write a good story, but his overbearing expression of it sadly is.
Now Available In Mass Market, The Revised, Definitive Edition Of The Hugo And Nebula Award Winning Classic In This Second Book In The Saga Set , Years After The Terrible War, Ender Wiggin Is Reviled By History As The Xenocide The Destroyer Of The Alien Buggers Now, Ender Tells The True Story Of The War And Seeks To Stop History From Repeating Itself In The Aftermath Of His Terrible War, Ender Wiggin Disappeared, And A Powerful Voice Arose The Speaker for the Dead, Who Told The True Story Of The Bugger WarNow, Long Years Later, A Second Alien Race Has Been Discovered, But Again The Aliens Ways Are Strange And Frighteningagain, Humans Die And It Is Only The Speaker for the Dead, Who Is Also Ender Wiggin The Xenocide, Who Has The Courage To Confront The Mysteryand The Truth Speaker for the Dead, The Second Novel In Orson Scott Card S Ender Quintet, Is The Winner Of TheNebula Award For Best Novel And TheHugo Award For Best Novel